Authenticity And Certification
See below for our promise of perfection and to learn more about our conflict free diamond guarantee.


The PASSION8 promise of perfection is guaranteed. All PASSION8 Diamonds 0.30ct and above are accompanied by unquestionable evidence of their authenticity. This includes:

  • An independent gemological report issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • Laser inscribed girdle
  • Authenticity card
  • Conflict free guarantee
  • Mini PASSION8 scope (round diamonds only)

The result however is breathtaking. Each one of the 58 facets is cut to perfect mathematical proportions, revealing 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows within the stone. This ensures light refracting through the diamond only comes out the top surface, creating an extraordinary sparkle. Such a sparkle in fact, that PASSION8 Diamonds will perform 2-3 shades of colour whiter and brighter when dirty than an ordinary diamond.

Passion8 Dimaonds


Passion8 Dimaonds

PASSION8 Diamonds are strictly sourced following the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), which stipulates that Kimberley Process (KP) members must adhere to specific requirements to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate trade. The KP currently has 54 participants, including Australia and New Zealand representing 81 countries. Each PASSION8 Diamond is carefully tracked from mine to consumer to ensure its journey is an ethical one.

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