5 Gifts that Say "I can Say I Do With out You"

5 Gifts that Say "I can Say I Do With out You"

So you’ve chosen the people you want closest to you through your wedding planning and on your big day – now it’s time to let them know!

Say ‘I can’t say “I do” without you’ to your bridesmaids-to-be with these gorgeous personalised gift ideas:



Compact mirrors are one of those purse essentials that tend to fly under the radar when it comes to gifting. With a touch of personalisation in adding your bridesmaids’ initials, compact mirrors can be an invaluable little tool for touching up throughout your big day and every day after.



Bridesmaid robes aren’t just a part of modern wedding day traditions – they’re also a beautiful keepsake to cherish in the years following. The silky smooth outline of satin bridesmaid robes make for gorgeous wedding photos and luxury relaxation around the home forever after.



Another beautifully personal gift idea to last forever, initial necklaces are guaranteed to appeal to just about everyone. Gift your bridesmaids with their initial in their favourite metal, or choose a single metal for all to create a matching aesthetic on your big day (hint: white gold goes with everything!).



We know, we know, this one can go wrong, especially when it’s a case of the bride gifting her bridesmaids with her own signature scent. But when each bridesmaid’s perfume is chosen with intention and according to their personal preference of bouquet, it can also go brilliantly right. Segment your scents into fruity, floral, musky, earthy or fresh and match them to your bridesmaid, and voilà! You have a uniquely thoughtful addition to your bridesmaid gifts.



It’s an unspoken rule that every good selection of bridesmaid gifts includes just a little something sweet. Our personal favourite is a small box of artisan chocolates, complete with a heartfelt card at its base.


With a world of personalised gift opportunities at your fingertips, there are countless thoughtful ways to say ‘I can’t say “I do” without you.’ Which are your favourites?

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