How to Make Your Ring Unique

How to Make Your Ring Unique

There’s a reason the old adage “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” prevails in the modern day. Durable and beautiful, diamonds are uniquely multi-purpose when it comes to fine jewellery— they endure as one of the most popular precious stones and are ever-present in earrings, necklaces, tennis bracelets, watches and more. 

The popularity of diamonds may incite its wearer to want to set themselves apart from the crowd, especially when it comes to the tried and true diamond ring. Today, it’s easy to customise a ring so that it’s one of a kind. But what if you don’t want to start from the ground up?

Thankfully, there are ways to ensure your piece is uniquely “you,” while sparing the time and effort involved in custom design from scratch. Leave the intricacies to the experts in trusting your jeweller, so you can focus on the other important elements that make a ring design your own.

Here’s how you can make your custom diamond ring one-of-a-kind without starting from scratch. 

Start early and do plenty of research

As with any custom jewellery piece, the earlier you start working on it, the better. Even with top jewellers, custom pieces take longer to produce than those made based on existing designs, so be sure to give yourself enough time to make informed choices about your ring.

If it’s your first foray into the world of custom jewellery, you’ll want to ensure you do all your research before you begin. Familiarise yourself with and the different types of diamond settings and the 4 Cs of diamond quality – carat, colour, clarity and cut .

While you’re determined to create something unique, assess some existing ring designs for inspiration and bring pictures of the elements you like to consultations with your jeweller.

Know what to look for

It is essential to prioritise your budget when creating a custom diamond ring – reaching for a design you can’t financially obtain is a quick path to disappointment. After cost, the most important element of a custom diamond ring is the stone itself, so make sure you establish which of the 4 C’s is most important to you, and choose a diamond that fits your criteria. 

Carefully select the right jeweller for you

Customising a piece of jewellery you intend to wear every day can be stressful. Similar to doing your research into the many aspects of the ring itself, it’s important to research a reputable, skillful jeweller that offers a selection of diamonds with a specialised cut. Once you’ve found the ideal jeweller and consultant, trust their customisation process, and most importantly, have fun with it. 

While ring customisation requires more steps than purchasing one of a jeweller’s current offerings, the end result of a perfectly unique piece tailored to your tastes is undeniably worth it.

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