Integrating Smaller Diamonds into a Ring

Integrating Smaller Diamonds into a Ring

Diamonds are classic. Although they have been around for thousands of years, their timeless look and durability have made them one of the most sought-after stones, even today. They adorn all types of jewellery, from bracelets and pendants to earrings and brooches, and most notably, engagement rings.

These ever-popular stones have been the favoured choice for engagement rings not only for their elegance and beauty but for their ability to be customised.. You can find diamonds in almost any colour, shape, cut, brilliance and of course, size. 

While the size of the stone may seem like the most important element to consider, there are other things to think about when selecting an engagement ring that not only dazzles but carries personal meaning for you and your loved one. This applies not only to engagement rings but also to promise rings, wedding rings and everyday jewellery. 

Here are some ways to integrate smaller stones into your design for the perfect ring, engagement or otherwise. 

Halo surrounding a single larger stone

Elegantly frame a large Passion8 Diamond center stone with a halo of smaller diamonds. This design isn’t restricted to round-cut diamonds, either. You can easily frame your Passion8 Diamonds with non- Passion8 Diamond using various shapes; a princess, emerald or even heart-shaped stone with tiny glittering ones. This special touch adds extra elegance and opulence to what could otherwise be a rather plain ring. 

Cluster or row of small diamonds

Rather than a large center stone, a cluster of smaller diamonds creates a multi-dimensional sparkling focal point on your ring. The halos surrounding center stones are actually considered clusters themselves. There are many more types you can consider. You could add a row of small diamonds to the band, or add a second layer of stones to the halo. Another feminine and unique design you could consider is a plain band with one stone in the center, surrounded by six stones of similar size, creating a flower. A ring with this type of cluster would be a high-carat and high-profile statement piece. 

Hidden stone 

A ring should be special because of what it symbolizes, not because of how it looks. While you can and should definitely keep the aesthetic of your ring in mind, sometimes a little secret touch just for you is necessary. People often engrave the inside of rings with a wedding date or each other’s names, but another way you can make your ring extra special is to set a tiny hidden stone on the inside of the band. While the outer diamonds are for showing your love to the world, the inner one is just for you. 

Other benefits of smaller stones

  1. Unique band design
    Smaller stones allow for more creativity when it comes to band design. Rather than a simple ring, you could opt for one that coils around the finger or dips into a V shape. You can get more creative, too, and design a ring that branches out like leaves, or is in the shape of an infinity symbol. The possibilities really are endless. Smaller stones give you more space to shake things up. 
  1. Stackable rings
    Smaller stones mean more stackable rings. This is a great option, especially when it comes to dressing up or dressing down an outfit with your jewellery. You can pick if you want to be subtle and understated or maximalist and over-the-top. It’s also a more exciting gift to receive! Because smaller stones are also more cost-effective, you can afford to splurge on multiple for a stackable set. Would you rather receive one ring or three? 
  1. Increased wearability
    If you opt for a simple ring with small stones, you really don’t ever have to take it off. Whether you’re a nurse in latex gloves or an artist who works with their hands, a smaller diamond on your ring gives you freedom of movement you otherwise wouldn’t have. You also can stress less about dislodging a large center stone, as small diamonds and clusters tend to be set more securely. While everyone loves a good flashy ring every once in a while, when it comes to a ring you’ll want to be wearing every day, sometimes subtlety is key. 


Small stones can add a beautiful personal touch to what would otherwise be a generic ring. When you’re designing yours, take these ideas into account and see how you can make your ring as unique as you are. Think only of yourself when designing because, in the end, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of your ring. It doesn’t matter if someone thinks it’s too flashy or not flashy enough, too nontraditional or too understated. All that matters is that you love it, and will be happy wearing it every day.

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