The Passion8 Difference

The Passion8 Difference

Whether for an engagement ring or accessorising piece, Diamonds have been the favourite gemstone of many people around the world for decades. It’s no secret that not all Diamonds are created equal, and an exceptional Diamond is something truly mesmerising when compared to lesser stones. Passion8 Diamonds are an example of these exceptional stones, for more reasons than one.


Passion8 Diamonds are uniquely special prior to their final cut product, due to strict quality standards. Less than 1% of the world’s Diamonds will fit the criteria to qualify as a Passion8 Diamond.

Passion8 Diamonds are the perfect example of quality over quantity, with even our smallest stones reflecting a brilliance and sparkle unmatched by lesser comparisons.



You might have heard that of the 4Cs of Diamond Quality (Clarity, Carat, Colour and Cut), Cut is the most important. This is because it determines the way the stone reflects light, and in turn, the amount of sparkle it gives off.

Passion8 Diamonds are cut to have 58 perfectly symmetrical facets. This cut, neither too shallow or too deep, lends an extraordinary brilliance to every Passion8 Diamond that outperforms the brightness of similar-quality diamonds with lesser cuts every time.

This cutting process can take up to 5 times as long as a standard Diamond cutting process, removing up to 10% more rough weight to achieve the perfect brilliant cut. The end result? 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows within the Diamond, which ensure that light only refracts through the top of the stone for an extraordinary sparkle.


Starting at just 0.005ct, Passion8 Diamonds can feature throughout a jewellery piece in varying sizes, offering a versatile range of possibilities when it comes to custom-designing a piece.

Choosing a featuring Diamond and watching your design vision evolve into a reality is a uniquely personal experience, leaving you with a jewellery piece that’s Perfect Forever.

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