What / Who are Passion8 Diamonds

What / Who are Passion8 Diamonds

PASSION8 Diamonds are one of Australia’s leading Diamond brands who provide you with an unparalleled, quality, beautiful Diamond.

PASSION8 Diamonds are only available at independent Jewellery Stores across Australia and New Zealand who are members of the Showcase Jewellers Buying Group, giving you a little more exclusivity to your Diamond.

Why are they different?

Passion8 Diamonds are created from the finest rough gems, less than 1 percent of the worlds rough diamond is selected to be PASSION8. Once the highest quality rough diamond has been selected, we move to the most defining characteristic of a PASSION8 Diamond – the CUT.

The most defining characteristic of any diamond is its cut. This determines the symmetry of the stone, its overall proportions and its ability to reflect light.  A Polished diamonds proportions affect its light performance (sparkle) which in turn affects its beauty and appeal.

Every PASSION8 Diamond is precision cut to exhibit 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows.

Each Passion8 Diamond sold above 0.30ct comes with a diamond viewer which you can place over your diamond and see the arrows as pictured above (you can only see the hearts by looking through the bottom of the unset PASSION8 Diamond.  Visit your closest PASSION8 Retailer to see that perfection in real life!

The reason you see these hearts and arrows is due to the mathematically proportionate cut of exactly 58 facets which ensures light refracting through the diamond ONLY comes out the top of the surface, creating extraordinary sparkle, brilliance and fire. This perfect cut means that the depth of the stone is exactly right, PASSION8 Diamonds are not too shallow and not too deep, they are PERFECT.

Round Diamond Ring

Watch the video below to explain how cut affects light refraction in a polished diamond to understand why PASSION8 Diamonds are a perfect diamond:

To see the perfection of a PASSION8 Diamonds visit your closest Authorised Retailer and begin your perfect PASSION8 Diamond journey today!

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